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                                                                   Date : 30th November, 2015 
You will always be remembered

Mr. Inderjeet Singh(sports faculty) of St. Mary's English High School left for his journey to heaven today - 30thNov.2015.He had been a part of St.Mary's Family for 33 years.He was a person who will always be cherished for his work for St.Mary's Family.

May his soul rest in peace!

                                                                   Date : 17th November, 2015 
Inter National School Award Ceremony -2015

Principal Fr. David Vincent Receiving the International School Award from the British Council officials at Chennai. St. Mary's English High School has been accredited with the British Council International School Award (ISA-for the period 2015-18).

                                                                   Date : 16th November, 2015 
Children's Day Celebrations -2015

Children's Day celebrated at St. Mary's English High School on 14th Nov , 2015. This time it is celebrated in a different way. Children's asked questions to Principal Fr. David Vincent through the programme "Mann Ki Baat". Quiz and Bussiness Fest organized by the teachers for the children. In the Bizzfest event the students of class 11 and 12 were asked to sell their products to learn Bussiness skills. Mr. Partho, Mr. Anil , Mr. Dhiraj and Mr. Prashant entertained students by their melodious songs.

                                                                   Date : 7th October, 2015 
First Aid Workshop For Teachers and Students (U.K. NGO Team)

First Aid Workshop for Students and Teachers conducted on 6th of Oct , 2015. This workshop was conducted by a NGO (From Unitted Kingdom). The Students and Teachers participated in the Life Skills workshop and learned how to save a life during trauma.Every Life and Every Second is precious. Principal Fr. David, Vice Principal Fr. Linus Kindo, Teachers and Students participated actively in the Life skill workshop.

                                                                   Date : 5th September, 2015 
Teacher's Day and St.Mary's Day Celebration

Teacher's Day was celebrated with great joy and fervour at St. Mary's English High School on 4th September,2015.Students presented various programs on this occassion to express their love and gratitude towards their teahers.
On the same day an inter-house competition was also organised on the occassion of St.Mary's Day where students actively participated in events like Folk Dance,Street Play(Nukad Natak),Palm Painting,Diya decoration and Paper jewellery making.The event was a wonderful experience for the children – an amalgamation of knowledge and entertainment.

                                                                   Date : 2nd September, 2015 
Sanskrit week

Sanskrit week was celebrated from 26thAugust,2015 to 2nd September, 2015. Students of class VI,VII,&VIII participated in all the programmes during this week. Mr.Ashok Pandey was the incharge for this celebration.

Sanskrit Week

                                                                   Date : 26th Aug, 2015 
British Council International School Award

As a perfect start to the new academic session, St. Mary’s English High School-Bistupur, has been accredited with the British Council International School Award (ISA-for 2015-18) for the rich, meticulous and organized body of work presented to the British Council and mainly for exceeding their expectations by going beyond the minimal and exhibiting student learning par excellence in the Action Plan.

Principal Fr. David Vincent, Vice Principal Fr. Linus Kindo, Sr. Mariam, Teachers and Students equally expressed delight on being accredited with the British Council International School Award for a period of three years (2015-18).

Principal Fr. David Vincent Congratulated every one and said it’s the result of all the dedication and efforts put together as a team for the International School Award program.

The Students worked on 7 projects, 4 collaborative projects which was online with the partner schools in Palestine, Sri Lanka, Greece(Athens) and Ethiopia. The Idea behind the projects was Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam(world is a Family).Students shared information about Geographical conditions, Climate, Culture, Food, Life Style with the other part of the world.

The detailed comments from the assessment panel along with the ISA dossier will reach the school soon. The award will be formally presented to the school in a ceremony planned later this year. The school will also receive the ISA logo soon.

                                                                   Date : 15th August, 2015 
Independence Day Celebrations 2015

                                                                        Date : 9th August, 2015 
Cyborg'15 - Inter School Event

IT Club of St. Mary's English High School organized "CYBORG'15" , an Inter School Event on 7th& 8th August , 2015.13 schools actively took part in this gaming fest.

                                                                        Date : 2nd August, 2015 
Felicity 2015 Inter School Event

St. Mary's English High School (Junior Block) Organized Felicity - 2015 , an Inter School Event on 1st August , 2015 .

                                                                        Date : 27th July, 2015 
Fr. Linus Kindo's Birthday

St. Mary's Family celebrated Fr. Linus Kindo's Birthday to express love for their dear Vice Principal on 27th July , 2015.

                                                                        Date : 20th July, 2015 
Fr. David's BirthDay Celebrations

St. Mary's Family celebrated Fr. David's Birthday with a short cultural progam to express love for their dear Principal on 20th July , 2015.

                                                                        Date : 15th July, 2015 
Inter-class football Match 2015

An inter-class football match was organised in school.

                                                                   Date :  July, 2015 
Student Council 2015

                                                                       Date : 5th July, 2015 
Annual Prize Nite Junior Block 2015

                                                                     Date : 4th July, 2015 
Annual Prize Nite Senior Block 2015

Annual Prize Nite 2015 was held at St. Mary's English High School Junior Block Auditorium on 4th July , 2015.

                                                                     Date :23th June, 2015 
Welcoming the new Vice-Principal of St.Mary's Family.

St. Mary's English High School welcomed the new Vice-Principal on 22th June , 2015 with a short cultural program.

                                                                     Date : 9thMay, 2015 
Farewell Tr.Bharati,Tr.Sarojini & Sr.Kanta

St.Mary's family bid farewell to it's most beloved teachers on 8th May , 2015.

                                                                   Date : 19th April, 2015 
Freshers Day 2015

Welcoming of Class XI (2015-16) Students by Seniors on 18thApril 2015

                                                                   Date : 26th April, 2015 
Fr.Gerald Memorial basketball Tournament 2015

St. Mary's English High School organised a basketball tournament at Junior Block in memory of Fr.Gerald Martin D'Souza on 25th April, 2015.

                                                                   Date : 1st Feb, 2015 
Farewell 2015

Farewell for Std XII Batch 2014-15 was held on 31stJan,2015 at Junior Block Auditorium.

                                                                   Date : 26th Jan, 2015 
Graduation Nite 2015

Graduation Nite was held on 24thJan,2015 at Junior Block Auditorium.

                                                                   Date : 31th Oct, 2014 
Rashtriya Ekta Diwas/National Unity Day

St. Mary'ans paid tribute to independent India's first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on his 139th birth anniversary this Morning. Sardar Patel, nicknamed the Iron Man of India, was the first home minister of the country and is credited with persuading more than 500 princely states to accede to the Indian union post-Independence.

The day is being celebrated as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas/National Unity Day. Students took the "Pledge of Unity". The Principal , Teachers and Students took this pledge in the spirit of unification of their country that was made possible by vision and action of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Students participated in various activities and "Run For Unity" held at Chinmaya Vidyalaya Telco.

According to Principal Fr. David Vincent ,The occasion will provide an opportunity to re-affirm the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity and security of our country.

St. Mary'ans later paid tribute to Former PM Smt. Indira Gandhi on her Punya Tithi (death anniversary) in the Morning Assembly.

                                                                   Date : 11th Oct, 2014 
Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya

St. Mary's English High School launched cleanliness drive on 11th Oct , 2014. Principal Fr. David Vincent along with Staff and Students swept the school premises . They cleaned the entire periphery and surrounding of the school including the main road and gullys. In the Morning Assembly Principal Fr.David , Students and Staff took the pledge "Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya" under the guidance of the school Jyoti club Moderator Tr. Bharati.

A pledge was taken by the Principal , Staff and Students that " I take oath that I will remain conscious about sanitary practices I will start the cleanliness drive from myself, my family, my City, my neighborhood and my work place".

                                                                   Date : 06th Oct, 2014 
Educational Tour - Delhi And Agra

                                                                   Date : 12th Sept, 2014 
Parivartan - Rally for Road Safety

The Amazing Educational Tour of St. Mary'ans (Class VI - IX) Delhi- Agra from 29th Sept, 2014 to 5th Oct , 2014. The Lighter Moments captured -

                                                                   Date : 8th Oct, 2014 
Educational Tour of Delhi-Agra

Students from various schools in the city took out a rally on 11 th Sept, 2014 to generate awareness on road safety.. The motivating force behind the rally was the district traffic department which is celebrating traffic safety week. More than 200 students took part in the rally that was flagged off by superintendent of police. Several senior officers both from the district and sub-division were present at the flag-off ceremony to boost the morale of the children.

St. Mary's children had gathered at General Office gate much before the scheduled time holding placards and colourful banners with messages on the ill effects of rash driving, the students walked through major roads of the city. St. Mary'ns received the relay Lamp near the General Office gate from Loyola School .Principal Fr. David Vincent , Mr. Aayush were present on this event to boost morale of the children. The rally later ended at Beldih Club.

                                                                   Date : 8th Sept, 2014 
Gurutsav 2014 By Ministry Of Humen Resource Development

The Ministry of Human Resource Development had organized an Essay Writing Competition to acknowledge the teacher's role in our lives in the form of an event called "Gurutsav 2014". Ministry of Human Resource had organized this event online on 1st Sept 2014. The Essay Writing competition was for 3 categories Class I-V , Class VI-VIII and class IX-XII. For class I-V it was 2 minute audio recording, and for other groups it was Online Essay Writing Competition for which the topic was given half an hour before the commencement of the competition. One Hour time was given to write and submit the Essay.

St. Mary's English High School's Class XI student Sourav Raj Secured the First Prize in Patna Region (Category IX-XII). Total 13 students participated from St. Mary's in all the 3 categories. The topic for Sourav Raj was " A Teacher who Impressed your Life".

Principal Fr. David Vincent and Mrs . V .Sharma(City Co-ordinator of Jamshedpur CBSE) together presented a Cheque of Rs. 5000/- and books of worth Rs. 500/- to Sourav Raj.

Gurutsav 2014

                                                                   Date : 6th Sept, 2014 
JOGGA Inter School Football 2014

St. Mary's English High School Secured the runner up position at Jogga Inter School Football 2014 held at Armary Ground on 30th , Sept, 2014. DBMS Career Academy defeated St. Mary's in a Penalty Shoot out. Ujjwal of St. Mary's got the best Goal Keeper award.